Brad Smith
Motorsports Inc.

Brad Smith
Motorsports Inc.

Brad Smith Motorsports Pit Crews & Support Staff!

Pit Crew Team Members

Rand Bitter

Phoenix Pit Crew
Crew Chief & Spotter

I worked with Brad while we were at Ford in Product Development, and used to help in the shop and on the pit crew at several regional races during 2006 and 2007. After leaving Ford and my thirty years in Michigan, we returned to the Rocky Mountain west, where we now live most of the year in western Wyoming.
During the winter months we migrate to southern Arizona, where I am able to help the team when Brad comes to Phoenix (2021 & 2022 thus far).
My formal training is in Finance (MBA) but I’ve always enjoyed working on cars and getting into the nuts and bolts. Served this year (March 11, 2022), as Crew Chief and spotter during the Phoenix event where my two local boys, Ben and Logan are also able and eager to help the team.

John Ward

Pit Crew

Born 19 August, 1955, currently reside in Lansing , Michigan.
I started in racing in 1974 andd after spending 4 years in the U.S. Army I returned to racing in 1980. I helped my friends race for several years and in 2002 I helped my Son race for a year, then helped my Daughter race.
In 2004 I started driving again, winning two championships in 2006, one on the oval and one on the figure 8.
In 2015 my Son started racing again . We won two consecutive Championships in 2017 and 2018.
In 2011 I started helping James Hylton and Brad Smith in the ARCA series.

Leo J. Kryger

Pit Crew/Photographer

I have worked at Verizon for 26 years; currently held position is as an Area Manager in the NYC footprint.
Growing up, every weekend I was visiting the NJ Dirt Tracks circuit as my father was a mechanic, engine builder, for a team. Always had a dream of someday driving, or working with a race team. July 2012 this dream came true when I was asked to take pictures for the Hylton Motorsports team.
To this day, I am the annoying pest trying to chronicle each weekend I work with them and on race day serve as the gasman over the wall.
It is a pleasure/honor to be working with James and Brad, and see good coming out of this partnership in the future.

Logan Bitter

Phoenix Pit Crew

I have helped Brad before at Berlin Speedway in Michigan (2006), and at Phoenix (2022), and hope to assist at Iowa Speedway.
Like my brother, I am also a resident of the Phoenix area. I am employed as director of actuarial services for a Pet Insurance business under Physician’s Mutual, based in Omaha, Nebraska.
I am a fan of most major racing series and always interested in helping Brad’s team.

James “Jake” Jacobson

Pit Crew

I’m retired from many years in the lumber business but have been following racing for years.
I’ve been with James Hylton for several years and was glad to see Brad come on board. I do whatever is needed on any given race day. Gas the car, jack the car, and catch can.
It’s a pleasure working with Brad.

Ben Bitter

Phoenix Pit Crew

I worked with Brad years ago (about 2006) at the MIS (Michigan) race, and the last two years he has entered the Phoenix event.
I am now a permanent resident of the Phoenix valley, where I am currently employed as the Deputy City Manager for the municipality of Maricopa, Arizona.
I am a huge NASCAR fan and follow many of the stock car series, and especially enjoy working with Brad when I am able.

David Deford


I’m a CPA currently working as a contractor.
I got my start in ARCA as a sponsor. I’ve been a race fan since my teenage years and got joined Chuck Weber’s crew in 1999.
I’ve been with Brad since about 2001, first as the fueler and currently as his spotter.

David Hill

Pit Crew

I live in South Haven, MI.
I joined the pit crew on a part-time basis, after getting a little experience with the team during the 2010 season.
My interest in racing was developed on the local short-tracks in Kalamazoo and Hartford, MI.

Rush McGrady

Pit Crew/Spotter

I currently work part-time as Payroll Manager for a mechanical contractor in NJ, where I live. I grew up in NC around racing. Have been involved in the sport for several years and enjoy working with our crew and driver/owner Brad Smith. Always a pleasure going to racing to work with this team. Spotter, tire carrier, mechanic, etc..

Jeff Smith

Crew Chief

Carlos Leon

Pit Crew

Dennis Lowery

Pit Crew

Terry Strange

Crew Chief

I have been around racing since early ’60s. My dad raced some, then I started hanging around NASCAR shops of G.C. Spencer, James Hylton in ’65/’66. Worked first NASCAR race at Darlington, September,’72.
Have been steady with James since then, as fabricator, chassis man, body hanger, engine man, truck driver, floor sweeper, crew chief, you name it.  Acted as NASCAR crew chief from May of ’86, and have maintained that role in ARCA at all races I attend.
After spending 4 years in the USAF in the early ’70s, I have worked full time for Mitsubishi Polyester Films, in Greer, S.C. Since 1977.

Jayson Reynolds

Shop/Track Mechanic

I work for a company in Milan Mi called liberty turned components where I’m a machine operator making small arms ammunition for the police and military, grew up in Saginaw, currently residing in Monroe. My racing days started in the mid to late 80s building demo derby and figure 8 cars with my uncle.
After college I volunteered with late model teams thru out mid Michigan racing at the old 5 turn tri city motor speedway, Dixie speedway, and auto city speedway, in what was known as the Iceman series, I met up with the late James Hylton in 2004 and began volunteering with him until he retired from driving, having then moved on to working with Carl long in Xfinity and cup series for 2 years, have also worked with Mike Harmon, and Johnny Kyle Davis in the Xfinity series.
Met up with Brad the later part of 2018 and began volunteering at his shop the winter of 18-19.

Dan Stevenson

Pit Crew/Communications

I currently work at Stellantis, formally known as FCA, Daimler, and Chrysler Corp., for the last 29 years. I am a Production Supervisor for the Trenton Engine Plant located in Michigan.
I have been married for 20 years to my wife, Laurie, and proud father of two boys, Cameron (15) and Ty (14).
I have always had a passion for racing since I was young, along with my love for classic Mopar cars. I was asked to join BSM in 2021. The day I walked up the driveway of the shop I was hooked!
It is a pleasure and honor to be working with Brad and his team. With continuous hard work and the drive to be the best, I see a strong partnership in the future.

David Ylhainen

Pit Crew

I grew up watching my father off-road race and have been fascinated with racing and working on cars ever since. I worked for a short time as a small engine mechanic and for the past 3-4 years I have worked on my son’s racing karts. I love NASCAR, but more importantly, I love watching my son race and grow in the sport.

Jonah Ylhainen

Pit Crew

Support Staff

Brad Smith


• 8th in ARCA Menards Driver Points in 2022
• 7th in ARCA East Driver Points in 2022
• 5th in ARCA Menards Driver Points in 2021
• 7 consecutive Top-10 finishes in ARCA Driver
  points from 2016- 2022
• 2016 General Tire “Spirit Award” winner
• 2006 ARCA “Sportsman-of-the-Year” winner
• Over 400 ARCA career starts

Jamie Wright

P.R. Manager

I started helping Brad about three years ago at the shop.
Than this year he asked me to help him out with the PR stuff. I love helping the team out where ever I can.
Lol mostly if it’s behind the scenes

Robert Weenink


I have supported Brad Smith Motorsports since 2005.
I spent 8 years of active duty Navy, followed by 22 years in the Navy Reserve. In 2001 I retired from the Navy as a Commander.
I’ve spent 27 years at Ford Truck as a Design Engineer, and 6 years with Dana as an Applications Engineer. I finally retired from the workforce in 2014 (I think).
When I lived a mile north of MIS I did a 1 race crew member at MIS as a Flag Man. I have a lot of respect for the rest of the team. Growing tired of the cold and snow, I now reside in Cape Coral, FL.