Brad Smith
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Brad Smith
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Brad Smith Motorsports Press Release!

Life Flashed Before His Eyes? More Like, “Dude, Where’s My Car?

Shelby Twp., MI (April 25th, 2018)

Shelby Twp., MI (April 25th, 2018) – Journeyman driver Bad Smith has been part o the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menard’s since 1988. In that time he’s seen a lot of green flags. Unfortunately, he hadn’t had a whole lot of attention afforded him until the 2015 General “200” at Talladega Speedway. In that race, his Hylton Motorsports Ford was in the lead draft and had actually turned the fastest lap of the race. But with only a handful of laps to go, another drive at the front of the pack lost control, spun up the track and into Smith’s path, leaving him nowhere to go. Brad collected the car, then the wall, and as the crowd became silent, Smith’s #48 was now headed for the inside wall. For the fans, it seemed like an eternity as Smith’s car, now undriveable, was headed for the inside wall. What were you thinking? Was it “life flashing before your eyes” time?

“Actually I was thinking that my Plymouth Cuda was in a friend’s garage and no one was gonna know it’s there. Because yah, I thought, ‘this is it, I’m gone’!” After Brad hit, he knew it was bad, especially in the foot box area, but not as bad as he thought it was gonna be. When the car came to a stop, the safety workers came rushing to the car and asked if he could get out and he said he could. “But as soon as I put my hand up on the roof rail to pull myself out, I realized I was gonna need help.” He had severe injuries to both legs and still walked to the ambulance. How did that happen? “I think it was from my football days where they teach you not to let everyone see you’re hurt!”

It is almost typical of the 49-year-old’s fortunes at the northern Alabama track. His very first attemot at an ARCA race was at Talladega in 1988 but he did not qualify. In 1995, he lost an engine and crashed in the oil and climbed out amid flames but was not injured. And in 2003, he was burned badly on his qualifying run and had to miss the race. “It was one of those deals where you’re busy, trying to do ten things at once, different people are talking to you, and we forgot to tighten the fuel line. When I went out it was only hand tight.” While Brad was in a local hospital, the team loaded up and attempted to leave the track, they tried driving out of the tunnel and got the trailer stuck. On the bright side, Paul Menard, driving for Andy Petree, missed the race and used Brad’s number to get into the race and then went out and won it! So technically Smith is the car owner of record as a winner at the fastest track on the circuit. In 11 races, he’s only finished four with a best of 15th in 2006.

Though Brad finished eighth in points last year, they limped to the finish as the team hauler wrecked during late summer, then wiped out a car at Springfield. Now it seems like they are limping into 2018 with a wreck not of Brad’s doing at Daytona, they only ran a couple laps at Nashville when the rearend failed, and didn’t even start at Salem when they lost an engine in practice and didn’t have a spare to change for the event.

“It has to get better. No matter what, I feel great about this year! We’re due for a good season!” And Talladega would be the perfect place to turn things around, what with Brad’s history there!”

Fans can tune in to watch Brad and his fellow competitors on Fox Sports 1 at 5:00 P.M. CDT and also catch the replay on the same network at 7:30 A.M. Saturday morning.

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About Brad Smith: Brad is closing in on his milestone 300th career ARCA start and has been a consistent top-20 driver throughout his career. In 2016 he finished 6th in ARCA Driver Points and also won the inaugural ARCA General Tire “Spirit Award”. He also was the winner of the ARCA “Sportsman of the Year” award in 2006. He is currently 8th in Driver Points for the 2017 season.

About James Hylton Motorsports: A full-time ARCA team fielded by legendary NASCAR driver James Hylton, Sr., Hylton Motorsports is the longest-running consistent stock car racing team in the United States. Formed in the early-60’s, Hylton Motorsports continues to field competitive cars even after James Hylton recently retired from driving. James was the 1966 NASCAR Rookie-of-the-Year and three-time runner-up in NASCAR Driver Championship points. Hylton Motorsports is running full-time in ARCA for a 25th season.

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